Mobility redefined: Safeguarding your independence and comfort.

Elmura Global Logistics understands the importance of timely and reliable transportation for medical appointments, treatments, and other healthcare-related needs. Our non-medical emergency transportation services are tailored to ensure the comfort and safety of our clients, utilizing well-maintained vehicles and professional, compassionate drivers. We cater to various mobility requirements and provide a seamless, stress-free experience for individuals and healthcare facilities.

Our NEMT services include:

  • Ambulatory (Sedan Service)
  • Wheelchair transportation services
  • Mobility Assistance
  • Wheelchair and Walker Rental
  • Experienced & Reliable Drivers/ Some of our drivers are CPR Certified
  • Online Transportation Reservation

Are You Looking for Affordable Transportation? Elmura Can Help!

Whatever your personal need, contact us to set up your transportation today! We are always able to book future appointments, and we can accommodate same-day services.

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